At the first glance, KingEssays presents a very reputable view of a trusted academic writing company, with UK and US hotlines available on the main page and other channels for communication provided in the “Contact us” section. An additional sign of reputability is the provision of physical address, which guarantees that the company indeed exists in reality and is not solely online-based. Pricing is moderate, with high school papers starting with $10 per page and college-level assignments provided for $14 per page. PhD works are also fairly priced, with $29 per page charged for a 14-day PhD paper.

Reviews about KingEssays are mixed, since on the one hand, the company operates decently and fulfils most of their promises, alongside with having a precisely formulated revision and refund policy, which is also an indisputable advantage many online agencies lack. However, upon a closer look at the revision policy, one can see that he or she is not well protected, as there are no refunds for late revisions, and even if your order does not satisfy you and is revised late, you are unable to claim your funds back. Moreover, being in the status of unresolved dispute also deprives you of the opportunity to request a revision at the site, which looks quite strange given that you may need a revision on a different order, not the one on which the dispute is being resolved. Hence, beware these small intricacies and strange aspects of KingEssays’ operation and you are likely to find the service enjoyable.

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As a senior executive at our company, my job at times involves traveling. Some of those trips come suddenly, and I have no other option but to attend them. Early this year, I was in the middle of completing research paper when I received a call from my boss asking me to prepare to travel out of our state for more than a week. Obviously, in such a situation, my job comes first because my post-graduate degree is intended to boost my career. But having heard about KingEssays from a classmate, I had no reason to worry. I simply tendered in my incomplete assignment and they were able to finish and polish it on time. The only problem I have with them is that I bumped into poor communication as they were working on my assignment.
KingEssays are some of the few suppliers I have used to do my assignments. I have given them work for the last one year and they have been able to deliver on time and with decent quality. But in the last few assignments, I have noticed that they are steadily increasing their rates for no justifiable reasons. For instance, I have noticed a steady increase of up to 29 percent in the amount they have been billing. I have looked around to see what my classmates are paying for the same quality of work and I am not finding a reason to stay with them. They are now exploiting us, and I am done with them.
My encounter with this company is some sort of mixed grill because it leaves me with mixed emotions within me. The reason why I am saying this is that a good essay and academic writing company should naturally understand that I am the owner of the work I have given them to do, and hence, courtesy demands that they give me my right to know what is going on. This company’s staff has very poor communication skills. My biggest problem is their inability to respond to emails and leaving you in the dark. I am not impressed with them.