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The company seems to be an experienced academic writing helper, since there are many reviews about CustomEssayMeister and over 20,000 testimonials on the site. The age of testimonials is nevertheless quite alarming, which the newest one registered in 2014, which poses doubts about whether the site is generally functioning or not. Prices are higher than the market average, with the 10-day delivery starting with as much as $18. Beginning users may reduce their order’s total by using the first-time-user discount for 10%, and active users can also save some funds by referring friends to the CustomEssayMeister service and getting 10% cashback from their orders. Nevertheless, even with these discounts and special offers, the prices seem surprisingly high given that there is no ability to select the complexity level.

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As a senior sales executive in our state, my job entails a lot of meetings with other executives and conducting training sessions for our junior staff. In my position, my biggest issue is managing my priorities well so that there is a balance in everything. When I get into such situations where my traveling engagements are clashing with my class assignments, I have no need to worry. One day, I read about them on the Net and gave them a try. But so far I have not found their services satisfactory. I may recommend them for high school students and undergraduate students, but not post-graduate students.
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