The site of looks very colorful and visually appealing, but its usability is not perfect because of abundance of textual information on the main page, which makes it hard to discern where to look and what to read, where to find key needed information about the entity and ordering from it. One thing causing concern at once is placement of absolutely unrelated advertising banner at the center of the main page – it looks unprofessional and distracts attention to pop-up commercials. However, pricing promised for A+ papers is highly attractive; 10-day papers start from $9.95, which is a good price for such a deadline. Beware to miscalculate your order’s size nevertheless – the standard page of is 250 words, which is less than traditionally offered 275-300 words per page. This hidden manipulation may show why the pricing is low – while writing a standard 3-page paper (825-900 words) would require you to pay for 3 pages at other sites, here you will have to pay for full 4 pages.

The overall credibility of the site causes serious concerns, since you have no contacts at all provided in any of the site’s sections! The only communication channel to use is to fill the contact form by indicating your e-mail and question. Too little for the site charging money for assignments that are sometimes highly urgent and need quick attention, right? The Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions, Refund Policy, and Privacy Policy sections show up only when you enter the “order” section, which may take you quite a lot of time to find out which rights and protection you have upon giving money to this company. Hence, we recommend to read more reviews about before making an order there.

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If you are looking for more headaches to add to what you already have, then I would like to ask you to sign up for this company. I had a lot of hopes that I would get a partner who could help me so that I can enjoy peace of mind as I focus on my official duties. The biggest problem I had with these guys is that they kept taking me through cycles only to give me a poorly done paper and worse still, it arrived late. To me, this is not a customized essay, but rather, it is customized stress.
What is the essence of paying someone to do your work only to end up with a shoddily done job? These fellows don’t have good writers, and that is why I had to remake the medical report I gave to them. The assignment had serious grammar errors as well as several inaccuracies in the references and figures they used. With this quality of work, I think this company should specialize in doing assignments for high school students. I am disappointed because I wasted my time and money.