This academic writing service declares itself to be UK-based (with a physical address in Glasgow), but the alarming absence of hotline signals about your inability to contact anyone urgently in case any trouble with your payment or order status emerges. Pricing of service is fine for the market average, with school essays with 14 days of deadline starting from $10.99. However, paying $35 for a school essay needed within 12 hours? That’s quite a pile of money! Especially if one compares it to $44 for a PhD page with the same deadline – that’s not logical, especially given the incomparably higher effort needed for PhD writing.

The range of company’s services is impressive, with writers providing academic writing, editing, PowerPoint creation, proofreading, and business writing, which includes resume/CV composition as well. The cost of resume/CV services is also above the average, with a one-week resume order starting from $52 and reaching over $100 if you need your resume overnight. This is only for the resume – without a cover letter, for which you will also need to pay additional $18-$66 (Oh My God, $66 for a cover letter!). Reviews about also praise the availability of numerous free sample essays, which serve both as a source of inspiration for visitors and as a testimony of the company’s writing team’s expertise. Thus, overall, as one can see, the company generally looks reliable and trustworthy, with a user-friendly site, but absence of hotline and high prices.

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Priorities are some of the biggest things I need to contend with as a working mother who is also pursuing a doctorate degree. I need to be everywhere attending to the needs of my clients at my place of work while fulfilling my priceless duties of attending to my family. I must concede that drawing a balance has not been easy because a sacrifice has to be made. When my classwork assignments clash with my work diary or an emergency to attend to in my family, are always there to give me that fall-back upon which I can lean in my hour of need. They may not be the cheapest but at least they relieve my diary.
My dealing with this company made me a one-time visitor who will never come back to their shop. When they advertise their services, they portray themselves as the best and most customer-focused company. But when I gave them my first assignment, I had one of the most unprofessional customer experiences I have never had. Their workers lack common courtesy, and when you follow them to fix errors, they respond as if you are the one who is in the wrong. They have a dead and cold customer approach ever!!!