Saturday, March 6


Researchers have been studying human body since ages. The US study shows, every 7 out of 10 people go through back pain. Our back is the biggest support of our body. Having a back which aches can disturb our professional as well as personal life and can also lead to a lot of other problems later on. It is a widespread problem which is causing more disabilities than any other condition. People can experience pain in the lower or upper part of their back, which results in making them handicapped.

What can cause lower/upper back pain? Back pain is caused by multiple problems.

  • Injuries
  • Strains
  • Degenerative problems (discs, arthritis or inflammatory diseases)
  • Nerve and spinal cord injuries
  • Infections
  • Kidney stones
  • Pregnancy
  • Tumors

Home remedies to treat the horrible back pain which is bothering you.

  1. Easy exercises– I know, back pain and exercising does not make a great combination. But believe me, it can lead you to the path of recovery. Mild exercises such as short walks, basic yoga, or swimming can alleviate your back pain. If it won’t help you reduce pain, it would definitely help to release endorphins; which are brain’s natural pain killers.
  2. Hot/cold therapies- Studies shows that hot or cold therapies are one most effective yet easiest way to get rid of back pain naturally and long term. It can be done on the affected area for not more than 20 minutes. Hotness or coldness might give you mild numbness for a time being, but it will eventually feel right. Make sure you take care not to burn your skin with ice or heat.
  3. Stretching- Stretching always helps to get rid of mild strains and spasms. It can loose down the muscles which are tightened, which results in relieving your pain. Try these simple stretching exercises. Touching the toes, cobra pose, cat-cow pose, child’s pose.
  4. Hot oil massages- Massages are always one best way to relief pain. It soothes as well as heals the strains. Hot oil massage can give you relaxing sensation as it works on your mind and body both. Just grab some hot oil and ask your massage therapist to give you heavenly massages to reduce your back pain naturally. There are a lot of healing oils having such ingredients which helps to heal and recover the muscles and make you fresh.
  5. Get enough as well as peaceful sleep- Having a disturbed sleeping routine can make your pain worst. Science proves that people having back problems suffer less if they have a healthy long sleep through out the night. Most adults should get 7-9 hours of sleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Make sure your pillow is soft and supportive enough to keep your neck and back straight.
  6. Healthy diet- As we know, most of the health problems can start as well as end due to our unhealthy or healthy diet. Try taking all the essential nutrients in your diet.